25 Northeastern Russia, Kola Peninsula

European boreal forests are found in Northern Scandinavia (Finland’s Lapland) and on the Russian peninsula of Kola near the city of Murmansk. This forest type continues into Siberia. In the interior of Kola, rich in rock formations, lakes, swampy plains and fast-flowing rivers, Sámi herders still roam with their herds of reindeer. The north of the peninsula consists of tundra, with a low vegetation of mosses, grasses and dwarf shrubs; in the south the taiga rules. In between is a transition zone with sturdy willow bushes, juniper and rowan. In the taiga are hardwood forests of birch and poplar, and coniferous forests populated by Scots pine, Norway spruce and some European larch. In the long dry summer of 2018, the Norway spruces of arboretum Group 25 suffered from bark beetle infestation, and so this area needs to be rehabilitated. The group is located beside the picturesque Voer creek (Voervijver), where a project is underway to restore the natural open pond. This area is a work-in-progress and will soon offer visitors a renewed and expanded view of the group.