5 Oregon, Coastal Range

The Oregon Coast Range has many tree species in common with more northerly regions, including Douglas fir, Sitka spruce, Western hemlock, Western red cedar, Noble fir, Pacific silver fir, and Giant fir among others. In addition to the Big-leaf maples, we also find two generations of Oregon ash in this part of the arboretum. In the bend of the Royal Walk (Koninklijke Wandeling) we encounter the first Coastal redwood tree and an outsider, the California torreya or California nutmeg, an evergreen tree belonging to the Taxaceae family with relatives in East Asia. It is the ambition of the arboretum managers to enrich the range of species with shrubs that are suitable for the forest types. Some progress has been made, and here we can find Pacific dogwood, Holodiscus discolor or ocean spray, osoberry, and other species of the genus Gaultheria. Across the Royal Walk is a forest type with Lawson cypress, a species that only occurs naturally in the area around Port Orford, Oregon. Lawson cypress has been used extensively as a fast-growing evergreen hedge plant.