A paradise for walking

Majestic avenues, lined with copper beeches, stretch across the Capuchin Forest. They are supplemented by a dense network of footpaths that cross a varied, hilly landscape covered with deciduous and coniferous forests intersected here and there by a labyrinth of open grasslands. The centerpiece of the forest, of course, is the arboretum in all its vastness and splendor. A tree lover’s paradise in a splendid natural setting!  

The Capuchin Forest is a walking area par excellence within the larger Sonian Forest. Six hiking trails are indicated on the domain using color codes on the signposts. Three of these trails begin on the main entrance of the arboretum along the Vlaktedreef, an extension of Jezus-Eiklaan road. Three additional trails depart from the entrance on Eikestraat road. The Koninklijke Wandeling (Royal Walk, 7 km) crosses the entire domain and runs entirely on paved roads. The other shorter walking routes (+/- 3 km) largely run over unpaved forest paths and through the meadows, crossing different continents and regions of the world within the geographical arboretum.

Visitors are advised to prepare for a real forest walk. Appropriate footwear and clothing, depending on the season, are recommended. There are parking areas on the entrances, but there are no public bathrooms. Reception infrastructure is restricted to a minimum. There are benches here and there that may be used by the public. Visitors are allowed to stretch out and/or relax on one of the grassy meadows, where the children may play and where visitors may enjoy a picnic or snack brought by them. But they are advised to take away all their waste and keep the grounds clean for other visitors. People with dogs are welcome, but the dogs must be kept on a leash at all times. Establishments that serve food and drinks can be found nearby, in Tervuren or Jezus-Oak.

Ready to explore? The arboretum and its many botanical treasures await your visit!

The Royal Walk

Trails of the New World

Trails of the Old World