What we expect from our visitors...

Most complaints from your fellow visitors and other reported incidents concern stray dogs, which endanger fauna and hinder other visitors. We regularly find dog-bitten deer, and these attacks almost always lead to a certain death! Visitors also complain about cyclists who unexpectedly turn up in places where they do not belong or ride too fast without consideration for anyone. 

Please be mindful of your fellow visitors and the natural surroundings. Dogs should be on a leash at all times. Cyclists should not enter restricted footpaths. And all visitors are strongly encouraged to stay on the existing paths; there are enough paths to explore the entire domain and there is no reason to add new ones. These rules, it should be noted, are determined by law and should be obeyed by all visitors. If you want your dog to run freely, you can go to a nearby dog zone.   

Visitors are permitted to lay down and rest on the grassy meadows. Visitors can also have a picnic brought by them and let their children play. But visitors are advised to take back every item, disposable or not, that they brought with them to the arboretum. Leaving rubbish or waste items behind is completely unacceptable. Also, do not allow children to drag tree branches or pieces of wood onto the footpaths or meadows. This dead wood belongs under the trees, not on the meadows that should be kept free of obstacles for everyone’s enjoyment. An accident may occur or maintenance equipment might be damaged.  

Visitors are urged to respect all the surrounding vegetation. No one will be blamed for having a closer look at a specific tree or shrub, but make no damages and don’t treat the collection as a play ground. When your children want to play in the forest and build camps or huts, you should go to a nearby play area. Be a good and true nature scout, and leave no traces behind!  

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