Guided tours

Group tours of the arboretum are available on request. For a 2- to 3-hour tour, visitors must decide if they would rather visit the New World or Old World section. It is not possible to visit both sections in such a short period of time. When possible, the forest ranger will try to make time for guided tours with visitors who have a more or less professional background (plant experts, gardeners, foresters, students, etc.). Volunteer guides with a good knowledge of the arboretum are called upon to introduce the wonders of the arboretum to the wider public. To inquire about guided tours, please send your request with your wishes and the expected number of participants to  

Recreation and sporting events 

Although the domain is an area meant for quite recreation and study of nature and dendrology, certain organized sports or activities are not altogether excluded. However, such sports or activities should take place on the main roads of the domain. Small, unpaved footpaths through wooded areas are not suitable for large groups of people or for large-scale events, as this may have adverse impacts on the flora and fauna of the domain. Incidentally, the entire domain is part of the Natura 2000 area, and one of the main aims of the domain management is to preserve the natural landscape and its biological community. The use of unpaved roads or meadows may be permitted exceptionally, only in the dry season and only and with a limited number of participants.

For all public or private events on the grounds of the domain, permission must be requested and obtained in advance. Please send your request with the following information: Description of the activity, activity date, the area where the activity will take place, and the expected number of participants to