The domain of the Royal Donation lies between Tervuren and Jezus-Eik (Overijse). The main entrance to the arboretum is located along the Vlaktedreef, an extension of the Jezus-Eiklaan. Secondary entrances can be found at the end of Eikestraat in Tervuren, and at the Wapenplein, on the Kapucienendreef, on the side of Jezus-Eik. The forester’s houses and workshop are located near the Eikestraat entrance, at the end of the street.

The administrative address is as follows:

   The Royal Trust – Domain Tervuren

   Geographical Arboretum Tervuren

   Eikestraat 102-104

   3080 Tervuren

Email: info@arboretum-tervuren.be

The arboretum does not provide reception infrastructure for the visitor. The arboretum is openly accessible like the surrounding forest. Be aware that there are no sanitary facilities in place. You will find parking areas beside the entrance along the Vlaktedreef, at the end of Eikestraat, and at the Wapenplein, in Jezus-Eik.

The arboretum, unfortunately, is not easily accessible if you are using public transportation, but it is possible to get here if you take a 15-minute walk from the nearest public transportation station.

If you are using the MIVB/STIB tram line 44, stop at Brusselsesteenweg, via  H. Boulangerlaan and Jezus-Eiklaan. Or, alternatively, stop at Vier-Armen (Quatre Bras) via Ravensteindreef.

If you are using the De Lijn bus line: Take bus number 317 and stop at Eikestraat or Jezus-Eiklaan. Other buses that stop in Jezus-Eik, near the arboretum: 341, 343, 344, 345, 348, 349.

The domain is located between cycling nodes 44 and 60 of the Flemish Brabant cycling network.

Two Grand Route paths cross the terrain, the GR 579 Brussels-Liège and the GR 512 Region Brabant Hills.

More tourist information can by found at the Tourist Office in Tervuren – Cultural Centre De Warande. See VisitTervuren.