34 Western Nepal, Himalaya Mountains

Nepal covers an elongated strip of land south of the Himalayas, with a wide range of elevation differences, from 60m above sea level in the alluvial plain of the Ganges, to 8848m at the top of Mount Everest. The climatic conditions and the vegetation are equally different and rich depending on the altitude. Arboretum Group 34 focuses on the coniferous forests in Western Nepal. They are mainly populated by Himalayan fir, Bhutan pine, and West Himalayan spruce. Of the original plantings, only one Bhutan pine remains, a noble specimen that leans to the side. The original Himalayan cedars have completely disappeared, but the species has been recently replanted. There are also a dozen specimens of West Himalayan spruce, a curious weeping spruce. The arboretum managers are still looking for Himalayan fir. There is also a group of Pindrow firs and some varieties of juniper and maple shrubs. A colorful cluster of Turkish hazel and Himalayan birch adorn the group on the side of the meadow.