21 Northern Czechia, Eastern Sudetes Mountains

The Jeseníky range lies on the eastern part of the Sudetes, which in turn lead up to the Carpathian Mountains that stretch deep into Romania. Here we find a typical Central European mountain forest in which Norway spruce and European silver fir dominate, along with European larch at slightly higher altitudes. The so-called Sudeten larches in arboretum Group 21 are recognized by some dendrologists as a variant of the common European larch, and they all germinated from seeds that came directly from that region. Lower on the forested slopes of the Sudetes we find European beech, and even lower still we find deciduous forests populated with oak, beech and other species that are more or less familiar to us in Western Europe. Down in Group 21, against a charming serpentine meadow of the arboretum known as the Valley of the Oaks (also known as the Paardendelle, or Valley of the Horses) a mixed deciduous forest of these characteristics has been recently planted, including Small-leafed and Large-leaved linden trees. Species from Central and Southeastern Europe such as Whitebeam, Hornbeam, Buckthorn, and Neapolitan alder also make a home here.