12 New Brunswick, Acadian Forest Region

The eastern provinces of Quebec and New Brunswick are still covered with boreal forests on the north side. Here we find the Jack pine, the counterpart of the western Lodgepole pine, black larch and the Eastern red cedar. Ecologically speaking, the majestic American oak on the corner of the arboretum group is somewhat out of place against this background. In addition to the White and Black spruce, Red spruce is also noticeable, a species that spreads further south over the higher areas of the Appalachian Mountains. Red pine and Eastern white pine are more common on sandy and well-drained soils. In the transition area to the rich Eastern American deciduous forests, there are more American oak, elm, beech and walnut trees, some of which are located here on the edge of their distribution area. Many of these areas were designated as logging zones as far back as colonial times.