13 Ontario & Quebec, Great Lakes Region

In the Great Lakes area and the Saint-Lawrence river basin there are forests of the “Northern-Hardwood / Hemlock” and “Beech / Maple / Lime” type, according to an American classification based on the dominant tree species. Some of the softwoods found in the west of Canada have a counterpart here in the east: The Canadian or Eastern hemlock is slightly darker, and not as tall as the Western hemlock; the Eastern red cedar is the little brother of the Western red cedar; Weymouth pine or Eastern white pine is almost indistinguishable from the Western white pine. Weymouth pine and hemlock are top wood production species, which are also often imported and used in Europe, hemlock with apparently more success than Weymouth. But in the first place, Arboretum Group 13 introduces us to the rich Eastern American hardwood forests. American oaks, linden and maples have grown here since the arboretum was founded in 1902. The American elms fell prey to the elm spider beetle, but new specimens have been recently planted. Another recent addition was the American beech, which was previously missing.