In the new book on Geographical Arboretum the authors and arboretum managers Patrick Huvenne, Kevin Knevels and Wilfried Emmerechts share their knowledge and passion: they lead us into the rich variety of forests in America, Europe and Asia, into the specialised management of such a living collection and into the challenges of sustainable forest management under the influence of climate change. The many maps, graphs and historical documents support their story. Jan Decreton vouches for the beautiful photographs.

Practical information:

310 p. – Hard Cover – Size: 23 x 28 cm – Full colour – Many maps, charts and beautiful photos. The book is published simultaneously in Dutch, English, French and German.

Price: 40 € – domestic shipping costs: 5 € – foreign shipping costs: 15 €

To order a copy of the book, transfer the amount of 40 € plus shipping costs to account number BE54 0000 0173 6397 (BPOTBEB1) of the Royal Donation and send an e-mail stating your name, address and the desired language to: If you enclose the proof of payment, you can count on a fast delivery.